This summer Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing will celebrate the great dance bands and soloists that drive the action on the dance floor.  Taking place in a specially designed open-air ballroom in Damrosch Park (West 62nd Street between Columbus & Amsterdam) Tuesdays through Saturdays, June 24—July 12, Midsummer Night Swing will bring together people of all ages, at every skill level, and from dozens of diverse social and cultural backgrounds for 15 evenings of social dance.  Says Bill Bragin, Director of Public Programming for Lincoln Center, “Many popular music styles have their roots in dance music, before the artists moved into concert halls. Midsummer Night Swing brings some of the best bands from around the world and around the city to play for the most demanding and appreciative audiences they’ll ever play for – dancers.  This year we will present artists whose electric personalities and musical magnetism can lure dancers to do what they do best – swing, mambo, shimmy, shake, tango, hustle, samba, Lindy, two-step, and boogaloo the night away at one of the most joyous festivals of the New York summer season.”

Highlights include:
Jazz Sensation Cécile McLorin Salvant
Salsa Legend Willie Rosario in a Rare New York Appearance
- “Boardwalk Empire” night with 
Vince Giordano and The Nighthawks
- Merengue legend Milly Quezada
- Harlem Renaissance Orchestra tribute to Illinois Jacquet
The Loser’s Lounge: Dancing Queens: The Music of ABBA and More
- The return of Silent Discos, Following Live Sets on June 26 & July 3
Kids Dance, Vintage Fashion and Dance Contests, and More

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Honored to once again be DJing the season finale at Lincoln Center’s Midsummer Night Swing! The full schedule has just been announced, check it out and mark your calendars now!


Stay tuned tomorrow as we announce this summer’s Midsummer Night Swing lineup at Lincoln Center…

You may recognize some names in there.

Fats Waller - “Spring Cleaning (Getting Ready For Love)” from The Centennial Collection (Amazon MP3)

(16 plays)

Buddy Johnson & His Orchestra - “Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball?” from Chronological Classics 1947-1949 (Amazon MP3)

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Captain America’s Roseland Ballroom, 1956-2014.

Roseland closes tonight.

From Captain America #258, June 1981
Caption: On 52nd Street in Manhattan, between Broadway and 8th Avenue, stands one of New York’s celebrated landmarks—a dance hall called Roseland. In this age of new wave, rock ‘n’ roll and disco, it’s a place where a couple can do a slow, romantic shuffle to the music of a big band. And among tonight’s couples are Steve Rogers (perhaps more widely known as Captain America) and his downstairs neighbor Bernadette Rosenthal.

"Strange. I was last here almost forty years ago. It was a victory bonds party. So long ago, yet for me it seems like only yesterday. I’m still young, thanks to the years I spent in suspended animation after the war—but the WAC I danced with should be in her 60s. With children and grandchildren. I’ve seen so much in my life—and yet I’ve lost so much more that can never be regained."

Poor Captain America, fated to outlive everything he’s ever loved.

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Cotton Comes To Harlem |  1930sExterior photo of the Cotton Club, Harlem, New York.


Cotton Comes To Harlem |  1930s

Exterior photo of the Cotton Club, Harlem, New York.

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